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About Us

Community-based care making meaningful change to improve lives. 

First Choice is an ABA provider that focuses on the whole child and their family. Through assessment, treatment planning, intervention, and family training, we are able to make positive changes in all areas of life.


Our BCBAs are able to improve:

  • socialization

  • gross motor abilities

  • activities of daily living

  • play skills

  • fine motor skills

  • communication


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Our Story

First Choice ABA was started by a group of service providers with decades of experience working in the pediatric field. After seeing firsthand the incredible difference that ABA can make, we decided to join forces with BCBAs in New Jersey to provide services for children with autism and their families. 

Our expert BCBAs and RBTs provide in-home ABA services in all areas of New Jersey. Get in touch to find the perfect BCBA for your family! 

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